Little Lights

Meet Little Lights. We are a small family manufactory from Krakow, which creates lights for families around the world.

Our story began with our flagship lampki- sleeping fox. Creating the first project, we wanted to light was a sweet pet lounging beside the bed. Our dream was that in addition to beautiful form, this sweet pet perfectly fulfill the functions Lights- filled the room a nice warm światłem- ideal for reading and sleeping.

We focused on the pine wood and it created all our lamps. The smell, the texture, the story that it carries is something that delights us. Something elusive, which makes flash Little Lights remain durable. It is not only beautiful and useful przedmiot- a souvenir that will remain in the family for years and we hope that the generations.

Mark Little Lights are also people who put heart and talent at all stages of lamps. Each of them goes a long way before it goes in your hands. Grind, paint, most of the work performed by hand with attention to every detail. We finish up small eyes, noses domalowujemy, grind drabiny- windows and all this, that every Little Lights was the only one of its kind.

What is important for us is to stimulate the imagination, and follow your dreams. We want to bring home more color, joy and warmth. To create a cozy and unforgettable moments that will forever remain a part of the great memories from the family home.