La Millou

You can call us a bunch of dreamers who love to paint their world colorful. We know one thing for sure about ourselves: we enjoy creating, painting, playing with designs and accessories. Our products are full of life and will resonate with classical tastes, the avant-garde enthusiasts, those optimists among us who are open to the many wonders of the world and all of you out there, who enjoy a pinch of craziness in your lives.

We refuse to tread along the beaten path and we have so far managed to remain true to our open minds and an out-of-the-box mentality. The world we create is a happy, joyful one. It is a world we are proud and excited to welcome you, and your children, into.

Kids are the first and foremost reason that we open new doors for, it is for them that we strive to be the best we can be and ultimately: to give them what is most colorful and wonderful in this world. With caution and care we present our ideas to children and we are rewarded with smiles and joy. And this makes us think: we've done everything we could to make our products as good, as possible.

From the initial, often fantastic and crazy concepts, through the first basic outline of an actual idea, to the last seam and the linen bag in which the product is packaged into... We know that we are offering our tiny clients that, what is best in us and what we want to share - absolute joy.


La Millou means being nice. And colorful. And staying safe and protected. We're on that way of thinking like a koala is on a tree branch and judging by the smiles we get in return for what we do - this is the way things are going to stay around here. Polish kids and their parents know us and like us, but we managed to offer quality hugs and cuddles to hundreds, maybe even thousands of fantastic people abroad... All our products are made here, in Poland. Are attested and have won numerous prizes and awards in a number of prestigious competitions.

We have a positive opinion from the Institute of Mother and Child. But perhaps most importantly - we really want you to know how important it is for us to produce things that are exceptional and make you happy. We are constant contestants of mediocrity and kitsch. We want La Millou to be a testimony of how important it is to meet the right kind of people and what can be done with such a great team. We feel that we have successfully created a brand of products that would make any mother, anywhere in the world, proud.

We run on transparency - if there's anything, literally: anything at all that you'd be interested in knowing about us - fire away. Write anytime, or call us. We'll be more than happy to chat and learn from you. After all, the opinions and experiences coming from out most important clients: the caring and loving parents around the world, are what makes us who we are.