About Us

Mama Stories was born from a passion for aesthetics, style and quality. Founded by a Mum and directed specifically to Mums and their children.

When my son was born, I noticed that there were not many choices in the shops and if I found something it usually did not meet my expectations. I guess as every woman I love fashion and style, also quality is very important for me. I pay attention when I buy something for myself, so why should I not to do the same when choosing baby products? I started asking, searching and digging about. All this with love to my son, with love to myself and with love to the style. When I finally found what I was looking for, I came up with the idea of creating a shop for other Mums, who like me have an eye for detail.

All products in our shop are made in EU with the highest quality materials. Everything what we sell comes from small businesses that put love, passion and heart into what they do. Behind most of these mini brands is standing a woman who, like me and probably you, is a Mother. Idea Mama Stories is to support such women. Each of us knows how hard work motherhood is and how wonderful a woman feels to be fulfilled in the role of being a Mummy and engages in her passions.

Each of us has a different story, each of us is Mama Stories.